My life with Chinchillas

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to come to my web site.  

I am Andrew, a retired "IT guy" who has been breeding and showing chinchillas for c. twenty years.

I have about 80 breeding animals, in a variety of colours.   They live in a purpose build "shed" that maintains their optimum environment - a cool, dry environment - two industrial air conditioners and both fans and dehumidifiers!

I spend between three and six hours a day with the chins, and know them all as individuals.

I am actively involved in chinchilla showing through the National Chinchilla Society.  If you would like to see top quality animals, come to one of our shows and talk to us - it is a very friendly fancy and everyone likes to talk chins.  All of my animals have a pedigree history.

Why the website?   I am very keen on introducing new people to these fascinating and compelling animals, and perhaps encourage one or two to breed and show!   I do have a few animals to sell each year and this site can be a way for you to meet them.